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Traditional locks served you till one point and now it’s time to upgrade your security with the latest technologies and innovations. In today’s time, the risks of theft and break-ins have increased because people are often not aware that their security systems are flawed. Modern-day locks have become more complex for intruders and users alike. But don’t you worry. You need a professional local locksmith in San Antonio TX to cater to all your lock and key related needs. An intruder will not stand any chance when you have upgraded your home security system or your office locks with our expert recommendations. It is important to understand that locks depreciate over time and now that it is our responsibility to install new locks and make your safety and security a priority. Be it metal or digital, commercial or residential, you have San Antonio Locksmith Store ready with a wide range of services that you can choose from. If you are looking for a locksmith in Huebner Road, San Antonio you know whom to call. We will reach you within a few minute’s notice. Our team also extends our service as professional locksmiths in San Antonio 78247 and around.

 Just give us a call on 210-780-6528. Don’t wait for a Monday thinking that we won’t be working on a Sunday. We run 24/7 on all 365 days of a year.

About us:

San Antonio Locksmith Store forayed into the locksmith business to provide peace of mind and a blanket of security to the people of San Antonio. Our team consists of carefully chosen locksmiths so that we can always maintain our high-quality service benchmark. We have always strived to provide quality support to our customers. We know that the safety and security of our loved ones are of prime importance and thus we have left no stones unturned in our continued effort to take our services to new heights. We have been in this space for the past decade and we aim to thrive for years to come just by serving our customers and safeguarding their happiness. This has been and will always be our greatest achievement.

24/7 Availability:

How do we guarantee that our service is the best?  We provide our locksmith services round the clock and with the same level of focus and dedication. As a trusted local locksmith in San Antonio, TX, we have touched new heights by extending our services everywhere.  Have faith in our service because we believe in taking the least amount of time to resolve any issue. So why wait? Call us now. Dial 210-780-6528 to book a session today!

Specialized Services:

Imagine you get locked out of your car and need immediate assistance. In such cases, you need a professional locksmith to help you at the location where you might be stuck at. We are a team of extremely trained and skilled professionals who offer customized and specialized services to our clientele. Delivering quality services has been our motto since we began working in this industry. You need not worry about the high price, our locksmith services are provided at an unmatched price in San Antonio.

Security Consultation:

Our business began when we saw the necessity of our locksmith services in and around San Antonio. Our team of professional locksmiths are trained in such a way that you wouldn't even realize when your work gets done. That means you don't have to wait and look after any proceedings. In any case, any repair takes longer than expected; we come up with immediate actions that are best suited at that moment. So don't worry, your locks, as well as your security, are in safe hands. We provide recommendations about how you can take your current security layout to the next stage. If you want to book our experts’ consultation session, call us now and get out insight. We also help in documenting break-ins for insurance claims.

Quick Results:

We play a major role in making your home and workplace secure and that is why it is our responsibility to we make ourselves up to date with the latest technology in order to provide you with the best solutions. When you call us, our team is dispatched immediately and reach the location within 15-20 minutes to assist and take control of the situation. We also ensure that while working on any project related to your lock and key, ensuring no damage is caused to your property.

Our services:

We are in this industry for 10+ years now operating as a trusted locksmiths in San Antonio 78247.Be it lock repair or key making, we provide a full suite of services under one roof. Our services include the following:


We have a pool of experts who can deal with any automobile related lock and key issues. We strive to provide the finest solutions. We have commonly noticed that some customers try to force their way out of a lockout or similar situations which makes it worse. Don’t act irresponsibly and let us handle it with the specially designed tools and our years of expertise. Just give us a call and let our team of experts handle the situation. We will reach the spot, and using our extensively stocked mobile vans, you can trust us to deliver a range of solutions on-the-spot. From making a new transponder key to fixing your ignition switch, we can do it all!


Locks are made out of metal and metal depreciates over time. It might not look so on the outside, but on the inside, your locks are screaming for help. To understand the mechanism of the locks, you need a professional locksmith to assist you with the replacement or it cannot be replaced appropriately. Sometimes the best we can do is to install new locks that are matched with the current technology. You can rely on the best locksmith in Huebner Road, San Antonio to secure your homes with the most perfect looking locks to safeguard your homes and loved ones. Call us on 210-780-6528 and speak to one of our experts today.


Locks and keys vary from the point of their usage. Home locks slightly differ from commercial locks. We provide an all-inclusive range of commercial locksmith services San Antonio. Our commercial services include a monthly examination of office locks and new installations if required. We also undertake replacement of old locks that are not in proper shape to set up combinations of the cabinet and more, we do it all. From installing push bars at the exits to keyless entry systems and multi layered master key system, you can count on us for a range of professional-grade services. So you don’t need to look anywhere else in San Antonio, TX. We have all locksmith services under one roof at San Antonio Locksmith Store.


Getting locked out of your homes, offices or cars can be very exasperating as well as terrifying for you, but need not worry when you have us in the neighborhood. Our team deals with such emergencies at a lightning speed. All the business firms operate during normal hours. What makes us different from other locksmith firms is that our services run 24/7, so that whenever and wherever you need us, you can reach us to avail all our services. We deal with lockouts, emergency key making, lock repairs, post break-in assistance, overnight lock setups and much more.

Need a trusted local locksmith in San Antonio TX? Look no more! Dial 210-780-6528 to hire San Antonio Locksmith Store!

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